Witch House: Creepy and Maximally Comfy

What's a boy to do when he's standing alone at a bar, the music is bumping and the girl he's talking to can't even hear what he's saying over the ceaseless wubbing of dubstep, or the incessant raw bass of hip-hop. Let's be honest with ourselves, when we go to a bar or a club, it's maybe one in four songs we recognize, and half of them have been played to death (I swear to god, if that asshole plays Bangarang one more time...). I mean, its sort of the zeitgeist for our generation - hip-hop and dubstep are staples at any bar or club of repute. As much as it irks me, I can understand it. Hey listen, I love me some shoegaze, and if the place I was at started blaring My Bloody Valentine, I think I'd be right at home, in sort of a stoned, absentminded sort of way, the way I always am when I listen to that shit. I guess that's the thing though - I mean when was the last time you walked into a bar and they were playing really mellow, toned down music? I can't remember one for the life of me, and maybe that's the Alzheimer's starting to kick in, or maybe it's done on purpose.

I'm not talking about some Illuminati conspiracy theory where the Man is trying to kill our musical taste on a tidal wave of wubbing and godmode Kanye West and Young Money beats, although now that I mention it, its a distinct possibility. No, my theory is that you go to these places to meet people--you go there for the atmosphere. You save your Lana Del Rey and your Massive Attack for smoking weed and popping Vicodin with friends while you're driving to Disneyland on your path towards the downward spiral. My point is, that heavy bass and intensity you get from those shitty Frank Ocean beats coming off your DJ's turntables are meant to promote a mood and a lifestyle--it's to promote an atmosphere of incredible douchebaggery. It's kind of what we as a society have come to expect. Men want something that'll fill their red-blooded veins with testosterone, and a song with just enough of a subtle recognition of a genre so that they'll feel comfortable enough to hit on women and spend their money on them and themselves at the bar. Half those songs are about that anyway. Women also want that recognition in the songs they hear, they want an atmosphere, but in my opinion, are far more open-minded when it comes their receptivity to newer genres and styles of music and art.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a solution that might satisfy us all: it's a new genre, which has become especially actualized in the last five years or so. Witch House is characterized by it's pseudo-sludgy drawl and if it weren't for the crisp ethereality of the electronic ambience and vocals, it could be some new form of electronic doom. It features haunting female vocals, contrasted with some muffled, heavy-hitting mutated half-cousin of electronic house music. There's elements of glitch, noise and in the more elegant tracks, shoegaze. It's hard enough to dance to, soft enough to smoke some sativa with. One of the few examples of an auditory Swiss army knife.

Check it out.

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